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Заповедники и национальные парки Казахстана. На английском языке

Заповедники и национальные парки Казахстана. На английском языке

Иващенко А.А.

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Артикул: ЦТР202409
Год издания: 2008
Штрихкод: 9786010100954
ISBN: 978-601-01-0095-4
Количество страниц: 281
Жанр: Моя страна
Язык: Английский
Принадлежность: Мой Казахстан
Переплет: Твердый
Издательство: Алматыкiтап баспасы ТОО

2 500 Т


“Reserves and National Parks of Kazakhstan”- is a unique book that describes the nature and animal world of 10 reserves and 8 national parks in the Republic; about problems connected with the deterioration of the environment—one of the main threats that humanity faced with on the boundary of XX – XXI centuries; and about the role of Kazakhstan in the development of world-wide system of protected natural territories.
This book consists of separate essays that are written by different scientists: ecologists, botanists, biologists, who have dedicated their lives to the protection and restoration of Kazakhstan’s nature.
The issue is intended for schoolchildren, students, nature-lovers and a wide range of readers.

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